08182014 - Labor Day Festival Approaches Fast!

We're just 2 weeks away! The regions only true Labor Day festival is so close. The day is full of fun, music, dancing, delicious food, helpful resources, and more!

If you have been thinking of volunteering, but are hesitating, here's your call to action! There is a Volunteer Training day this Sunday, Aug, 17th, at 2pm at the Lawrence Heritage State Park. Come network with some dedicated people and get a sense of what there is to do.


08082014 - Videos from the AFT National Convention in Los Angeles

Los Angeles - AFT President Randi Weingarten kicked off the AFT national convention on July 11 by outlining a bold plan to both fight back and fight forward to reclaim the promise of America and create economic and educational opportunity for all.

In her keynote to more than 3,500 delegates, Weingarten outlined the coordinated attack facing working people, unions, public education and public services—by those who starve public institutions, criticize public institutions, demonize workers and unions, marginalize those who fight back, and peddle private alternatives.


08082014 - Massachusetts school thrives on ‘true collaboration’

THE OLIVER PARTNERSHIP School in Lawrence, Mass., may be on its way to becoming an example of how collaboration can turn around a low-income, underperforming school. Rooted in a partnership that grew out of the desire of teachers to design a school that would give them a real voice, the elementary school is a “true collaboration among educators, the union, business leaders and the community” that is being watched by educators and policymakers around the country, said AFT Executive Vice President Francine Lawrence, who has visited the school, during Sunday’s opening general session.


08082014 - Teachers Union Comes Out Fighting At Annual Convention

As the AFSCME Convention began this morning, the annual convention of the American Federation of Teachers wrapped up in Los Angeles.  AFT President Randi Weingarten kicked off the event Friday by railing against those who seek to destroy unions and public education, calling on members to “be a little bit badass” in the fight to create economic and educational opportunity for all.


08082014 - Senator Ives Rejects Charter School Cap Lift Bill

Hello all - the news is excellent. The senate voted against raising the cap. I thank the senators. I thank all of you for the work done. – Tom Gosnell, AFT Massachusetts President

Dear Mr. McLaughlin,

I am writing to update you that today I voted against proposed legislation related to charter schools.  The bill, ultimately rejected by a 13-26 vote by the Senate, proposed raising the cap on charter schools by 5% over five years in school districts defined by the state as low-performing, amongst other provisions, making more seats available in charter schools.