Action Alert: DESE has made a proposal that will make it harder for students to graduate. Let them know you’re opposed.

At their April 2022 meeting, the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) voted to solicit public comment on a proposal by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) to raise the passing standard on the high school English language arts (ELA), mathematics, and science and technology/engineering (STE) MCAS exams.

Under this proposal, students starting with the class of 2026 (this year’s 8th graders) would be required to meet the higher passing standard (or cut score) to earn the competency determination (CD) and graduate from high school.

Union siblings to come out for Leahy School, more plans for the week

As we have heard over and over again, the F.M. Leahy school is not fit for learning, and not fit for teaching. With rain and snow coming in failing roofs, dripping on desks, it is falling apart and crowded beyond reason. On 2/15 we will pack the city hall chambers. This is a big ask, one that is vital to ensuring that the basic needs of our students and teachers are met. Thank you for your support.

WHO: YOU and your fellow LPS educators who care about our kids

A Call for Nominations - 2022 Distinguished Service Awards

Help the AFT Massachusetts celebrate the service of an educator, librarian, nurse, or school related-personnel whose leadership has made our union stronger. Nominations are now being accepted for our 2022 Distinguished Service Awards, which recognize substantial contributions made to the development of the union at the state and local levels, from membership building and leadership training to the advancement of political and professional issues important to the union.

Who will you nominate to be recognized at the AFT Massachusetts annual convention in May 2022?

Starbucks Workers Deserve a Voice at Work

"Starbucks workers in Greater Boston are at the forefront of the national campaign to form a union, and they have the full support of AFT Massachusetts and the 23,000 educators, librarians and school employees we represent," said AFT Massachusetts President Beth Kontos. "Like union educators, Starbucks baristas know that a union means a real voice in the workplace, better wages and benefits, and protection against abusive management. Right now, Starbucks workers are working for less than they deserve, while the company ignores their valuable ideas.